The Story Behind Power Shift: Meet George L. Pla

You might be seeing a new textbook show up on your reading list soon. Power Shift, written by George L. Pla and co-author David R. Ayon. The book is really exciting, especially for those in the Latino community, because it focuses on the influences that Latinos have had on politics throughout California’s history. Aside from the book being an account of Latino empowerment, there’s even more reason for you to get excited about it, as Titans. Pla and Ayon, as well as some special guest speakers, will be coming to speak at Cal State Fullerton soon!

Pla, one of the book’s co-authors has an especially interesting story about how the book came to be. He is also excited to be speaking at Cal State Fullerton. Pla himself holds an undergrad degree from a state university, Cal State LA. But what makes Pla unique is that he is the founder and CEO of the civil engineering firm, Cordoba Corporation. So how did he come to write a book?

Well first, here’s a little background. Pla came to the United States undocumented. He grew up in Boyle Heights, in East LA, where he attended East Los Angeles College. From there he transferred to Cal State LA and received his bachelor degree in sociology. He went on to receive a masters degree in public policy from USC. Pla identifies with students who commute a lot. He even notes that his own G.P. A. was not the greatest during his undergrad years, due to the struggle of balancing school, extracurricular involvements, family, and the back and forth drive. But he also believes it is a testament to what each and every one of us is capable of accomplishing.

“College is not an intelligence test, it’s a perseverance test,” says Pla.

A few years after finishing school, Pla decided to open up Cordoba Corporation. In the very beginning, it was simply a firm that he had started out of his garage. It wasn’t originally planned to be a civil engineering firm, but as time went on, Cordoba Corporation evolved. The company was based on making a difference in the community, especially since they mainly work in the public sector. Today the company has offices all over California, including Santa Ana, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, to name a few. The offices are located near the communities they serve and often hire from within those communities. Not only does Cordoba Corporation seek to help the community, but it has now rooted itself in philanthropy work. Their main focus being education.

Now since the company works with the public sector, Pla has worked with public officials on many occasions. He states that the work he does, in its nature, is political. As a sociology major, the inner workings of our communities has always been of great interest to Pla. He has even worked on many campaigns. All these influences came together when he decided to write this book. There are many Latinos who have done great work in moving our cause forward who go unrecognized. The book is meant to highlight a few of those individuals. Pla says that he wrote the book because young people don’t know their history.

“This was a book written so that people will know their history and be proud of it.”            -George L. Pla

If you want to know more about this book and George L. Pla, make sure you don’t miss out on this event. It will be taking place March 12th from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Titan Student Union Pavilions. You must RSVP by March 7th so don’t wait!

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